About Brandon

Brandon Berman, an optimistic and encouraging light in the field of video editing, retired as the director of the Multimedia Graphic Design program at Front Range Community College in 2019, culminating in a distinguished career in education and digital media. Since then, he has seamlessly transitioned into a role as a dedicated online tutor, specializing in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. Brandon remains deeply engaged in the video creation world, drawing on his extensive experience to impart valuable insights to his students.

With a career spanning over two and a half decades, Brandon's expertise in video editing and animation is exceptional. His journey in education includes noteworthy achievements, such as being honored as the 2007 Master Teacher and receiving the 2008 Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award. His commitment to excellence has extended beyond Front Range Community College, as he has shared his wealth of knowledge at institutions such as Colorado Free University, Red Rocks Community College, and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Beyond the confines of traditional education, Brandon has been an influential force in the professional realm. From 1997 onwards, he has been a sought-after consultant in video production, web development and design, podcasting, software usability, implementation, and training. During the years 2001-2007, Brandon owned a successful video and web design company, further solidifying his practical expertise in the industry.

One of the highlights of Brandon's endeavors includes his impactful teaching experience in Kenya. He shared his expertise in video editing and animation with students at primary, secondary, and university levels in various towns across Kenya.

Brandon Berman's teaching philosophy goes beyond the technicalities of video editing; he instills a passion for creativity and storytelling in his students. His collaborative and personalized approach, refined over years of teaching, creates an environment where students flourish, gaining both practical skills and a deep appreciation for the art of visual storytelling. As a tutor, consultant, and industry veteran, Brandon continues to shape the landscape of video editing education with his dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the craft.